Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am slipping on the dry towel at the beginning of practice?

The towel is made of a polyester/nylon blend that is similar to most yoga towels on the market. This composition can be slightly slippery when dry but continues to gain more and more grip as it moistens from sweat or water. We recommend that you moisten the towel under the areas of your hands and feet before use to gain better initial traction. Also, remember that using fabric softeners will make the towel less absorbent and more slippery too.

Why is the Aviska Port mat slippery with sweat?

You now don’t have to worry about a slippery mat when you also use your new Aviska yoga towel! The towel is anchored to the mat and will not slip, even from the start. Otherwise, and when used without a towel, all mats on the market require a break-in period and come from the factory with a thin residue on them.  This film can make a mat slippery when wet. After repeated use, this will improve. You can also wash the mat in a bathtub with cold water and mild detergent if you want to accelerate the break-in process, help remove the film, and deep clean your mat.

Since the towel anchors under the mat only at the corners, does this give an uneven sensation?

No. The mat’s compressibility, only a thin layer of microfiber under the corners, along with the anchoring of the towel to the mat all combine to eliminate any sensation of unevenness.

The small surface area of the trapezoid flaps under the mat also leaves approximately 85% of the mat still in contact with the floor. This further stabilizes the whole complex and prevents unwanted movement of your mat as well.

Will the Anchor-Fit™ Yoga Towel fit my mat that I already own?

It depends, but most likely. We created 3 sizes, which fit approximately 60-70% of the most popular mats on the market. (We even added a size for wider mats-Size C) 
 Measure the length and width of your current mat and then match it to the appropriate size range. 
The flexibility, conforming ability, and unique construction of the towel allow for a range within each size as well. 
If we don’t have a size that fits your mat, don’t forget that we have an Aviska Yoga Set, which includes a size B towel, a size B mat, and a yoga mat sling. 
New sizes may also be added according to demand.

Will the mat/towel complex slide on the floor?

No. With the trapezoid flaps at each corner, over 85% of the mat is still in contact with the floor and prevents unwanted movement of the entire complex.

Why are the corners of the Anchor-Fit™ Yoga Towel cut off?

By removing the corners, the mat is more easily pulled through the ends of the towel. This design also pulls all the towel edges flat and straight, therefore more securely anchoring the towel to the mat. It’s like pulling your arm through the sleeve of a shirt.

This cornerless design also continues to allow maximum grip between your mat and the floor. As designed and invented, over 85% of your mat is still in contact and gripping the floor. This prevents the mat from shifting or sliding across the floor.

Lastly, the cornerless design makes moving your mat/towel around effortless. You can easily move it to walls for handstands/headstands or to better position your mat before class…all from the exposed corners and without the towel being disrupted at all.

Can the Anchor-Fit™ Yoga Towel be used on a mat for other activities?

Yes. The Aviska towel can be used for other activities such as mat Pilates. It can also be used for any mat-based workout when you would like to protect your mat, provide cushioning, and desire a non-slip microfiber fabric layer on which to exercise.

Are there more products planned in future launches?

Yes. Matching yoga hand towels are being developed as the perfect addition and to be used with the Anchor-Fit™ Yoga Towel.

Is there a thickness range for mats that can be used with the Anchor-Fit™ Yoga Towel?

1/8 inch to 3/8 inch thickness is the ideal range. However, the microfiber fabric flexibility is able to accommodate thinner and thicker mats as well.

How can the mat and towel be folded during class for better cushioning?

You can fold the front or back of the mat over for headstands. You can also fold the mat along the long edges for knee cushioning during kneeling poses. Once completed, simply flip the mat back over and the towel remains attached and ready to continue your practice.

Can the yoga mat and towel be easily moved around the yoga classroom?

Yes. The towel will stay attached to the mat even with extensive movement. Simply grab it by the exposed mat corners and move the complex freely about the room.

What is the best surface for the yoga mat and towel to be used on?

The Anchor-Fit™ Yoga Towel was designed for, and works best on, wood flooring such as in a yoga studio. This allows the towel to best accommodate and conform to the mat. However, it also works well other surfaces including carpeted and outdoor spaces.

How often do I need to wash my Anchor-Fit™ Yoga Towel?

It depends on your preference. However, we recommend washing after every use, especially with sweaty practices.

What can I do for more grip?

Lightly moisten the towel with water in the areas under your hand and feet before use. The Anchor-Fit™ Yoga Towel will continue to gain even more grip as it moistens during use.

What is the towel made of and is this part of the new invention?

The towel is a high quality microfiber blend of 80% polyester and 20% nylon, with a premium finishing trim that complements the base color of your towel.

Most yoga towels on the market have a very similar composition.

The invention and innovation of the towel is the Anchor-Fit technology. While similar microfiber is found on the market today, there is no towel that completely frees you from the distraction of your towel bunching and moving during a challenging practice.

Why might Anchor-Fit™ Yoga Towel colors bleed?

Because the dyes we use are free of heavy metal/Azo/lead and are eco-friendly.

Why are the four corner edges of my Anchor-Fit™ Yoga Towel stretched out and ruffling?

It’s the nature of woven fabric that is cut at an angle (45 degrees against the weave) to stretch. This can cause ruffling. However, there is no negative effect to the functionality of the towel. It fully anchors even with slight stretch and ruffling.

Why are the corners of my mat curling upwards after I attach the towel?

We designed the 3 current sizes of the towel to fit as many mats on the market as possible. In addition to length and width, there are also differences in thickness and density of each mat as well. Some mats will be lighter than normal and some slightly bigger than their reported dimensions. This means that sometimes the corners could pull up from the tension of towel with certain mats. Don’t worry though; this will not affect the performance.

Hint: You can try “counter-rolling” the corners to get them to lay more flat as well.

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