Aviskara is the Sanskrit word for invention and discovery.

Derived from this word, Aviska™ Athletics was founded on the relentless pursuit of true innovation.

Designed By Doctors

Passionate Yoga Loving Doctors

Aviska Athletics, Inc. was founded by two yoga-loving wellness professionals who felt driven to create a product that would transform the way people practice yoga. They realized that while most yoga towels on the market claimed to prevent slipping and bunching, none were able to fulfill that promise. Many yogis were battling with unwanted movement of their towels during yoga practice, resulting in a loss of concentration and focus.

To combat this common struggle, the Aviska team wanted to design a yoga towel that would remain perfectly in place while yoga practitioners moved through poses. Aviska began research and development on Anchor-Fit™ Technology in August 2014. After a year and a half of rigorous testing and product review, the Aviska Anchor-Fit™ yoga towel was finalized and ready for launch in December 2015.

Pairing innovative design with functionality, the Anchor-Fit™ towel provides yogis with an absorbent, hygienic and comfortable surface to practice regular yoga, hot yoga, or any mat-based exercise. Aviska’s Anchor-Fit™ towel promises a truly undisturbed yoga experience and allows you to place your attention where it belongs: on your practice.


CEO & Co-Inventor

Dan Moore, M.D.

Dan is a board-certified physician and has practiced yoga for over 2 years. He is the co-inventor of the Aviska towel and lives in NYC.


CFO & Co-Inventor

Nivalda Pinguet, Ph.D., MBA

Nivalda is working in development & execution of business line strategy; 4-year yoga practioner, and Aviska towel co-inventor.

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Cutting Edge Innovation

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